I am trying to install windows xp on my computer...that isn't working out...the disk won't run when i put it into the drive...that is my first problem...it wont boot when the disk is in the drive at restarting the computer
Second...i try as many tricks as i know to get into setup...i press F1 like it tells me to...but i get another screen that shows something like insert boot disk... and then i get ... A:\>...i need help
the two problems may be related for all i know...
i have an older Gateway with windows 98 on it...i had to wipe the temp memory like passwords and stuff to get into the computer by removing the small watch like battery on the motherboard...now i cant even use the computer...

Removing the cemos battery to reset bios is a bit extreme. There should be a jumper on the motherboard for that.

When you removed the batterery you didn't just change the bios you shut it down. Can you get into your bios? if so Just check to see if your drives are still showing in there (HD, Floppy DVD) then check the boot sequence for some reason bios always seem to set HD as first boot device, if this has happened then the cd will not boot.

All you have to do is reset this to get everything working (I hope) ABTW also remember to reset date and time otherwise it wont boot up.. (And there a question for some knd person here wht is it when your cemos battery is going and you turn off, the loss of time and date stops your comp from booting?. I know it does but not why?)


thnx for the help...ill have to look into that...btw...i think the cmos battery is for storage of short term memory and system settings

the cd is fine, the drive order that my computer reads is funky, and i can't figure that out either