im so confused! ive been told if i buy a 3gb 32bit systme i might have more available ram than if i buy a 4gb 32 bit systme! what?!

something to do with the drivers...

help! i need to understand! i need to buy a high end pc for starcraft 2 soon!

For a while Vista was unable to properly read 4Gb RAM, but this should have been fixed in recent updates though?

To my knowledge systems prefer even numbers when it comes to RAM rather than odd ones, I.e 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 etc. So not sure if you'll get the most out of 3Gb.

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no no no

it will never be fixed

people just assume it was fixed in vista sp1 because MS changed it to now read the total ram, not the total available ram.

its due to the fact that 32 bit systems cant address that much memory (the memory addresses are physically too long to fit in the CPUs registers)

all 32 bit oses cannot address more than 4gb ram. 64 bit systems can use a hell of a lot more .

Also, 4gb of ram on windows x32 is a waste, because the workstaion versions only allow running apps to use up to a total of 2gb (server versions allow up to 3gb)

some people say they can handle 4gb, some say 3, some say 2.
still confused. i want to get as much memory as i can on 32bit windows xp. which version of windows xp should i download? how much ram is able to be used? if i add more than that, can the devices use the extra memory?

4gb max
2gb max can be used by running programs in a standard configuration

which version of windows xp should i download

i hope you dont imply that you are pirating it !

4Gb of ram on windows is a waste and as for which version of windows you should use depends on the processor you have.

You can defintely benefit by adding 4GB RAM on your pc running Windows XP.
There is a switch called /3GB which can be used to maximize memory address space usage for user processes.

Please read this kb article for more details.
3GB switch best works on servers.

Let me know if you need more info.

most processes wont use the memory /3gb gives them , only ones i know of are the MS server producvts and some CAD/CAM software