I'd like to purchase 4GB (in a kit, 2 * 2Go, or in one piece) of 800Mhz DDRII memory.
That's all I know about RAM.
How can I choose a brand, and how can I choose a model?
I don't know what motherboard I'm going to purchase, so should I first choose my RAM and then choose the motherboard accordingly, or first the motherboard?

Buy The Motherboard FIRST


let it scan your pc and it will tell you what you need. You can also buy from them too. Well respected site.

It should say whet ram your new motherboard needs on the box/manual

Ok, I'll choose the motherboard first.
I don't think I'll have a problem identifying what type of RAM I need, I'd just like to know where to start, there's such a big selection out there.
Corsair, Kingston, etc...? And is there anything else to take into account except for quantity of RAM, speed of RAM, and compatibility with motherboard?

go with ocz. They have a model called reaper which comes in 800 mhz. but if money is not a problem and you are getting a new board you could get a faster timmed reaper.

your board will have to be a ddr 2 or ddr 3 board if thats the ram your are going to use.

but always buy your ram according to the board you need. not the other way around.

Wow, thanks. Is DDR3 the way to go, or is it not worth the premium (is there a premium at all?). Any other suggestions for models?
Processor is an Intel Core 2 Q6600

He :P.
But yeah, any ideas for other ram models, from other brands? I wanna do some comparison shopping.

there is also the corsair xms but I suggest checking the main brands websites for their latest releases. If you have a q6600 your well on your way to having a great pc, just remember the board you choose should have a socket to fit that processor.

dude, justs stick with DDR2 for now.
corsair etc... is good if you are a gamer/overclocker

i just use the cheap stuff of crucial (2gb for under £40 like a year ago)

i mean if you have a q6600 and looking for new board get good ram as well. Bottlenecking sucks.

i am wary about buying new technology ram

remember how loads of people spent $$$ buying RAMBUS ram (which at the time was insanely fast), and then were really unhappy when cheaper, faster DDR ram came out like a year later and they were left with obsolete machines?

so thats my view. Wait and see if DDr3 takes off before throwing cash at it.

Ok, didnt quite get ya, ddr3 is a risk. personally i would go with dd2 as well but boards which take dd3 also take dd2 so why not get a board thats ready and buy some good twin pack reaper ram at 800 mhz for about 89 dollars.

dont get the low-end ddr3 stuff. DDR3 has a higher latency than DDR2, so you need a high speed to compensate for it.

ok get a P35 mobo(either asus or gigabyte,gr8 overclockers),2 ddr2 800 ram sticks(for dual channel)...don't go for ddr3 cuz well it jst aint worth it yet :)...oh and a comfy chair and some choc chip cookies too :D

boards which take dd3 also take dd2 so why not get a board thats ready

A DDR3 slot will not take DDR2.

You can get boards with a couple of DDR2 slots and a couple of DDR3 slots, which is probably what you're referring to. I can't remember who makes those off the top of my head.

Just had make sure there was no confusion.

I would go with DDR3 if you have the cash, it will provide you a mor "future-proof" system...although for a tight budget go with DDR2 as it is much cheaper and nearly as fast. I also like OZC Reaper, have 4Gb of DDR3 in my machine, very stable and overclockable, but not cheap. For decent performance and exceptional chips at a low price go with crucial. Best Regards, Maverick.

Here's a good overview:

DDR3 is definitely going to be more expensive, as will be a motherboard that accepts DDR3. If you want the baddest machine in your zip code, go with DDR3, just set aside more dough for the motherboard & memory.

If you're building a PC for everyday use and gaming both, I'd recommend getting a decent motherboard that takes DDR2 800MHz (with dual channel capability). This will save you a lot of money.

As for the brand, there are a lot out there, but you probably won't know the difference between them unless you're really overclocking the system. If you want a top brand, you'll pay a bit extra for it. Kingston, Corsair, Crucial, Transcend, etc. are examples of decent brands...all of them come with a lifetime warranty. Kingston is probably the most well known and likely the most expensive. Transcend seems to be the best value for a quality brand. They all offer standard speed memory and overclocking memory (Kingston HyperX, Transcend aXeRam, etc.).

Your motherboard will tell you what type and speed to get. You can buy them online cheaper than most retail stores. TheUpgradePlace.com is a good place that will take the time to actually talk to you about what you need.

Of course, you may have already bought it, but I hope this helps either way.