i asked for help from another forum and the person said things i couldnt understand . names of the parts etc.

(i use amd heatsinks btw.)

i need to know how to figure out how to put the heatsink on . not really how so much but where what ''end'' goes where .

theres a part where you put the screw driver in to push down and place the heatsink on . which end of the square does that thing go ?

on the part where the lever is connected or the part where the lever can be pulled up :?:

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There is a 'step' on the underneath of the heatsink and a 'ledge' at one end of the processor socket. The two need to be aligned correctly. If you are fitting a new AMD processor, the installation leaflet whaich was in the packaging should illustrate the installation procedure clearly. If you haven't got it, then download this document from AMDs website

There are also some videos to download

Also, if the heasink you're fitting has a central 'tag' on the clip you'd be better advised to use a small nutdriver to fit it with, rather than a screwdriver. If you do use a screwdriver, ensure that it has a wide blade on it. Slipping with the thing while you're fitting the heatsink can kill your motherboard. Fit the heatsink with the motherboard out of the case and supported by a folded cloth or a foam pad on a flat surface. The pressure you need to use can bend and crack a motherboard if it's not supported properly. The 'risers' which hold it in place in the system case are NOT adequate!

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