hey what do u guys think about buying parts off ebay? as long as the seller has good fb im safe right?

or should i just stick with newegg?

is there an even better third party? i dont trust nothing that doesnt let people write reviews.

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US? or where?

In the UK i use Novatech and Maplin

yes im in the us. so those guys wont ship here?

dont think so :(

I would never recommend ebay as there are way too many people who are there just to con you. Stick with a proper electronics site which provides warranty for their products. Just google what you need and you will get a list of the sites. Ebuyer is a good site. DOn't know if play.com operates there(pretty sure thet they do!) try them as well, free delivery and good service, quite cheap, just not that much choice of parts. Have a look around, you ll find loads


I like Dabs but they may be UK only - worth a try though!

I think dabs are uk and ireland only, dont think they got US website.


Yeah I figured as much Raj, mores the pity!

dabs are owned by BT which is huge, so maybe

I did not know that JBennet, interesting information there. Had thought they were the 'self starter' type, perhaps they sold out. Is that correct?

Don't recommend Ebay for sensitive or expensive parts, but for fans, HSs, cables, etc I would say you would be fine, just read the statement before you commit to buy. Newegg is good, but...try slickdeals.com, you may find what you need cheaper and from a reputable store (often available in store to save shipping). Also, for small stuff local may be the way to go due to high shipping rates. Best Regards, Mav.

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