Hi, i would like to know if its possible to use my old ipod which does not play anymore, but can still be used as memory as a source of RAM on my computer.
If possible/plausable how would i do this?

Andrew S

Are you talking about hard drive-like storage? Or using it like RAM?

Do you want to store your documents on the iPod for semi-permanent storage (i.e. until you format the drive or it fails? If so, then your talking about using it like an external hard drive.
Do you want to use it to temporarily give storage to open applications. (i.e. only for it to stay until you reboot the computer) If so, then you are interested in using it for RAM.

Both are plausible, but I recommend neither. The iPod is not designed for heavy disk use, which either above most likely require. Therefore, I don't recommend it.

However, technically, you can. To use it as an external hard drive you need to:

1.) Assuming you can see it in iTunes, open iTunes and go to your options for the iPod (if you are using iTunes 7, it automatically goes to that window). Then, enable Disk Use.
2.) Done. Go to My Computer and now you have access to the data on it.

You can also use it for RAM (well actually it's used for a swap file).

Pre-Step: Perform Step 1 in the above operation.

1.) Right-click on my computer, and go to Properties.
2.) Go to the Advanced Tab, and under there is a button for adjusting the swap file (I don't know the exact name, as I'm using a Mac, so I can't look).
3.) Tell it to use the partition for the page file. Adjust it to as much or as little as you want.
4.) Don't be surprised if it's slow. RAM is extremely fast compared to a hard drive.

Note: Do not disable page file on the main partition. It's necessary and can cause compatibility issues or stability issues.

By the way, this assumes you are using Microsoft Windows, not Mac OS X or Linux.

Hope this helps,
Ryan Leaf

thats a bad idea.

cpu cache = fastest
ram = very fast
usb solid state (flash drive) quite fast
sata hard drive = slow
ide hard drive = very slow
USB hard drive = very very slow

yes i would like to use it as RAM.
cuz i really don't need it for storing any information.

but i mean, it won't slow down my computer to use it was RAM right?i mean its an old 2 gig ipod that doesn't play, and i might as well find some use for it, since the memory still works. i have been using it as information transfer between my home, and school computer.

it would be a lot slower than ram
it would be slower than hard disk paging

so yes, it could slow it down.

As stated above, it would very likely slow your computer down, the iPod has extremely slow memory (takes a while to find songs, quite fast on a HDD, and you wouldn't consider using you Hard Drive for RAM); however if you want to recycle it, try using it for a flash drive (fast enough 4 that). Best regards; Mav.

and you wouldn't consider using you Hard Drive for RAM

your pc does that already, when you run out of RAM. Its called paging.

Flash drives also wear out very quick if you use them as RAM e.g windows vista readyboost