I have had some problems with a new computer I bought about 1 week ago. On the second day - I experienced constant 100% CPU Usage. I combed the web for some guidance and I could see this is a pretty common problem but no one seemed to have any difinitive solution.

When I got the computer I installed all the drivers from the box - apart from the video card drivers - went to nvidia for that.

I finally succumbed to the fact that I needed to reinstall windows and this solved the problem for about 2 days. We spoke to the guys that sold us the computer but all the advice they could give was that it must be the software being installed.

This is a gaming computer so it has the game (VG) and ventrilo loaded at present

As I am not IT technically minded, I decided to call in a Mobile IT service to try and sort out the problem but before they could arrive, we had a power failure and the computer fixed itself - no 100% CPU usage.

The problem comes back every couple of days but is solved by creating a power failure and pulling the cord from the back of the computer. Can anyone tell me why this is so ? If I restart the computer it does not reset the 100% CPU usage.

It is not the way that I want to solve this problem.

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