my computer specs are:
Pentium 4
2.40 Ghz
64MB internal intel graphics

i dont play games on my computer, i just use it for converting video and audio formats, cd burning, browsing, chatting, downloading etc, the PF usage is usually at 360 MB, at times i find a slight lag in the computer, now i would like to know which of the following will improve overall performance of the computer: a 1GB RAM or 512MB Graphic card

512mb graphics card would not boost your pc speed at all as it will eat up more ram and thus make it even slower as there wont be enough memory left for other applications, But it definitely will give you better graphics on any visual applications. Go for the 1gb ram. That ll definitely work better, then you can have the graphics card as well as you ll have enough ram for the rest of your applications after that.


I Think you should know firstly about working of ram,it will speed up your working scenario of files and folder and as far as graphics card is concern
as by name it will boost up your visualisation will optimum speed.
so if you want pc for converting audio to vidio purpose.
then you should search in google.
if you won't found then post me i will take care of you.

if you won't found then post me i will take care of you.

if you wont find what! help them now .