Hey Please help, Ive just built a system for my gf's dad/sis not tht it matters. anyways it was the first time i have used a sata HDD and had some troble installing it (solved by a nicked floppy drive from work). But noticed tht the system would not boot some times, it got to the blinking cursor screen before windows boots. this was solved by resetting the system, not ideal i know.

They have now had the system for about 1 month and i have been told it is not booting at all, its getting to the same stage (gf's dad not happy and is a scary man). I am going there this weekend to (fingers crossed) fix it but if anyone know what caused the issue would love a few pointers. PLEASE PLEASE.

i have two IDE HHD tht i was thinking about putting in the system to see if it is the sata HDD. the only other things i can think of is to reinstall the sata Drivers or reset/ update the bios.

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Updating the bios may help but doubful, as long as that type of hdwr. has been out the system should be able to handle it. U didn't note the OS ver. The bios DOES need to know which is the intended boot drive, which is first, etc.

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