Hi Ive been looking over a lot of the other posts but their problems don't seem to be exactly the same. And a lot are yet to get any replies to their I'm going to start a new one.

The Story.
I took my laptop to Harvey Norman (an Australian retailer) so they could check if I could add more RAM. They opened it up, and the answer was yes.
It was more expensive than expected so I told them Id come back in a couple of weeks.

When I got home My laptop would not start. They've denied responsibility.

What Happens When I Turn It On.

Without battery(mains only):

  • Power button LED works
  • Hard drive LED works
  • Computer makes a medium to high pitched quiet humming noise
  • Cd/dvd drive LED turn on and then off with michanical noises being heard (seems to register that it is there)
  • Lets me open the cd tray
  • Turns off after holding the power button for 5 seconds

With only battery:

  • All of the mains actions
  • Beeps when I plug in mains and battery status LED turns on
  • Beeps when I unplug mains

Also, when it is turned off with the battery in and the mains connected the Battery Status LED still shows.

The hard drive still has everything on it (had it removed and read as external hard drive on anther computer)

I've also tried starting it with new RAM and tried single slots no avail.

Can someone please help or give me advice before I pay to get repaired?


Hi Mr Wayne
If you comfortable with opening your notebook do so and check if all components and cables/wires is in place with no cracks in system board and cards.if all looks good with no components removed, than do a BIOS reset restart and see how it behaves
Very very poor services from Harvey Norman