Basically this is what happened. My wireless connection was having troubles, I clicked repair connection and the process hung at disabling network adaptor. I was kind of annoyed and so I tried finding the right process to shut down in the task manager so that I could manually disable the adaptor. I accidentally ended one of many svchost.exe processes and a mini window with a message telling me that windows was going to shut down in 1 min because of an unexpected something or other (I really dont remember what it was). So I shut all my programs down in about 15 seconds and am too impatient to wait the remaining 45 seconds (I know, I know...) so I flick the switch and shut the computer down myself.
Then, low and behold, when I turn the power back on, fans and etc turn on, but I get no beeps.

Now, it seems very unlikely that some randomly ended process would do this, but to be safe, I reset the cmos to no avail. I'm (unhappily) guessing that it's just a coincidence that some piece of hardware would have died at the same time. Unless anyone thinks otherwise?

Since then, I've tried reseating the video card and ram.
I've tried starting with only 1 ram stick as well, to see if it could be a malfunctionning stick. I tried all four independently and I doubt that all 4 would have died at the same time, so I am guessing that that isnt it.
I guess it could maybe be the PSU, but I do not have my multimeter at hand so I cannot check. Otherwise, it could maybe be the videocard, but that seems odd considering it was working fine before.
Anyhow, this is where I am at the moment. I would like to avoid having to go out and buy a bunch of components to see if one is indeed dead, since I am a little short on cash. I would appreciate any suggestions.

... I guess I'll just have to break down and buy components to mix and match
Thanks anyway!

So, now I bought a PSU and still nothing happens. I've taken everything out except the HD, Video card and 1 Ram stick.
It still doesnt beep or post or anything at all. I can hear the HD and CPU and Video card fans running.
I'm kind of still hoping it's the video card, but I am beginning to think that either the CPU or motherboard has gone.
- Does anyone see any other possibilities?
- Once I eliminate the video card as the culprit, is there any way of knowing for sure which of these components are dead?

Motherboard is the last thing you can probably figure out that is dead. If it is not posting or beeping, well, I don't think that is a result of ending scvhost.exe.

I ended them all once and at next start up my computer was fine.

Interestingly, though, it seems that you can't isolate the problem. Maybe more than 1 piece of hardware has problems. Did you remember to ground static electricity before touching each part? You don't want to damage anything else while searching for the broken stuff.