Just asking if anyone knows how to test a psu fan once its been disconnected from the psu itself? i know i can test the whole thing by rigging the motherboard pins, but just the fan? im trying to use the fan from an old psu as additional coolng, but cant splice it to my existing psu because theres already another one spliced to it!


I'm a little confused on this, are you tryign to splice the fan from an old PSU into power for additional cooling on your case, or coolinf for your PSU?

It wont run on 12v, I'm pretty sure that those fans are 5v. Try splicing it to a molex socket and just plugging it into the power supply, if you dont' have a spare molex to use you could splice it into the power strands coming out of the PSU or the same ones that are hooked up to the existing fans.

REMEMBER: desktop PSUs run lines at two different voltages, there are red 5v strands and yellow 12v strands. be sure to color match to the wire on the fan or else you're liable to toast your fan (have to rewire it at teh very least).