Hey guys. My computer has always been humming, and frankly its intolerable.

I know vaguely that you can fix it by perhaps getting a better case/fan/power supply, but i just want to confirm that.

Also, where do i find out which items are compatible for my computer?

Thanks alot!

You should first try and determine where the noise is coming from as it could be a bad CPU fan or something else that will follow you to a new case or is need of replacement.

That being said, most modern cases have screw holes for a variety of standoffs and are able to accomadate various size boards as a result. Things you should know before you go to get a new case though are:

1) The size of your board

2) Where your various connectors are so you don't end up with cable that don't reach on needing to buy new ones.

3) The type of connectors from the front panel to the board in your current case (some are non standard)

4) If you have any cards that are going to have space issues in a new case, this generally applies to large video cards in order to make sure they have enough room in a new case.