Hello all!:)

My microphone randomly stopped working a while ago and i went through several forums and guides on how to fix it, i now have it partially fixed.

My microphone now works but on my soundcard only, when i use it for VoIP other people can my computer sounds aswell as my voice
i.e. they can hear the music i am playing even if my microphone is turned off.

My mic apparently doesnt require a driver as it is "plug-and-play"
-it is a labtec verse 514
-it uses a USB connection

Basically i need help with making my microphone its own channel thing and not on my soundcard so people can only hear what my mic picks up


Hi Murdogers, I have heard of this verse 514 mic before but have never seen it yet, but I'm thinking of a few things that might help you out. But before that, let me just make a simple correction... microphones does not require drivers, this is true for those analog mic that you plug into your computer's sound card but for the verse 514, its different, it looks like a mic but the truth is that it is mic with a usb sound card built in to it, and since it is a sound card, it is a separate device hence needs separate drivers to make it work (default drivers by windows or that of labtec if any), you'll know this by checking it from the device manager or the sound and audio device options in the control panel. Now you might need to make some adjustments on your windows sound and audio properties or even in the voip program that your using to specify which device, the sound inside your pc of the one built in to the mic, should produce output and or receive input audio/sound/voice. for step by step instructions on how to do this, you may check it out from the microsoft site or the website of the voip program that your using, if you want live support, try this number 1-877-787-8749, I forgot their name but these guys can help you out.