I own a HP system, I don't usually buy brand name systems but this system had all that I required.

It came with a 500gig HD (Sata) and preinstalled Vista Premium and no backup disks. The harddrive has a factory recovery partition, unfortunately to recover my system using this partion also requires re-installing all the trial software the system came with.

I've downloaded all the chipset drivers pertaining to my machine and burnt them to a cd.

Among the chipset drivers is my Serial ATA Controller Driver. I'm purchasing Vista Ultimate not the upgrade. I want to format and install Ultimate thus also getting rid of the trial software.

The installation will be on my Sata harddrive C: I'm assuming that 'll be asked to press F6 to load any third party drivers. I'm also assuming that if I don't install my Serial ATA Controller Driver at this point then the installation might fail... Am I right in this assumption?

I'm new to Sata but with the help so far you've given me I'm beginning to understand, thankyou. I'm not new to installing systems but I am, to Vista and Sata.


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If you want to install windows vista ultimate you can use it to install in a sata hard drive. I dont think that it will ask for drivers for the sata hard drive, so you can directly install vista ultimate.


Your Bios should have a driver in it to where it will recognize the SATA drive. you can install vista to the SATA drive and then install the drivers for the drive.

at least i think that is what you are asking.

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