I am a new member here and probably going to be a regular by the looks of things! Currently I am trying to upgrade my mothers PC and install more RAM.

I think I have figured out what RAM to use.. after taking out the RAM stick and reading what it was. (sounds simple enough?)

I now know it is made by INFINEON and it is 512mb, DDR, 184 pin, 333, PC2700, CL2.5!

So far so good...

The next thing I did is run a program from www.cpuid.com which scans your hardware and tells you all about your hardware. The part number is 64D64320GU6B and the serial number is 03270D99

She only has 1gb of RAM at the moment, and I want to upgrade to 2gb, but she only has two RAM slots so I will probably just add one 1gb RAM stick for now to give her 1 and a half gb and see how it goes..

How can I now be certain I am buying the correct RAM for the motherboard I am using? Do I have to buy INFINEON or can I use any make, and what do I need to look for? I am thinking that I should be working out what RAM the motherboard is compatible with, rather than trying to get identical (but more gb) RAM to what I have? Am I right?

Thanks, Peter

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Id say you can buy any RAM as long as its DDR 333mhz.

Lurk is correct. brand doesn't matter unless you are running DDR2 then it can help but since you are running DDR any brand will do. you also need to look up the mother board specs and make sure it will support the amount of RAM you are wanting to put in.

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