Hey everyone,
I am building a computer, and I simply can't decide what mobo to get, anyones recommedations (socket 764 and 939, try and include the best mobo for BOTh sockets ;) Price cap is 150) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the help.

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Base your decision on the chipset included. For Socket 754, the best available chipset is the NForce3 250 chipset, and in my view that's the suitable 'budget' path to take. Pick a motherboard with the chipset implemented, and with the features and price which suits you, and you can't really go wrong.

If I was considering Socket 939 I'd be waiting for the upcoming NForce4 PCIE chipset motherboards, and making the move to the new slot format at the same time. PCIE display cards are most certainly the path to take for future upgradability, and they are already available at cheaper prices than their AGP equivalents, across much of the display card range.

There's your dilemma. Both platforms will perform just as well as each other with currently available products and software. Socket 939 doesn't have PCIE just yet, but it will very soon.

if you go socket 754 the DFi Lanparty is an excellent choice.

Ok thanks everyone, 2 more questions. First is, does anyone know when the upcoming nforce 4 chipsets will be out? Also, what can I expect the prices for them to look like?
Thanks again.

Expected in retail by Christmas was the last I heard. Apparently most initial releases have two PCIE display card slots for SLI configuration, so could be expected to be rather expensive. Epox has announced one with a single PCIE display card slot, which would be expected to be less expensive:


Sorry, I haven't looked any harder than that yet.

ok, thanks again, I'll look into it.

do you know if they will release a motherboard with PCI-e for socket 754 with Nforce4?

I've heard speculation that NForce4 chipset will be made available for Socket 754, but I have no definite knowledge to that effect.

actually I did a search and there will be a motherbaord with Nforce 4 and PCI-e for 754, but it jut wont have dual 8x pci-e, just one 16x pci-e, in that case Ill wait till the summer to get a anew video card, and buy the nforce4 motherbaord and a pci-e video card, and slap the amd 64 3400+ in there, just one questions which would be better a X800 pci-e or a 6800Ultra pci-e ( if they even make them)

If your gonna wait, get the X880 when it comes out ;)

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