I have an eMchines Intel Celeron 1.4 Gig computer, running XP,
with only 128MB RAM. Computer was a little sluggish
and so I went out and got more RAM. 512MB of RAM
today, that's the max amount of RAM for the CPU. I
took out the 128 and put the 512 back in the slot the
128 was in. There is only two slots on the motherboard.
I went to start
the computer and it starts normal for about 2 secs.
and then nothing. I hear one beep and normal lights
on front of the CPU at first. Then the CPU is just "on" with
nothing happening. The back fan is on if that means
Then I removed the new RAM and put the old RAM in.
The same thing happens and the computer won't
start. The computer worked fine up until 40 mins ago.
Any ideas would be extremely apprciated!!!!! Thanks!

You may have bumped someing during the installation...

Put the original ram back into the system...
Re-seat any cards ... with special attention to the video card...
Go into cmos and set it to fail-safe setup...

I personally would remove all but the video card to get this pc back up and running...

Let us kn ow what happens..