i have a wacom tablet, its about two-three years old. and i just started using it again, on my friends vista lap top. it didnt work with the original installation disc so i went online and downloaded the installation for vista. that worked ok except two things. it came with some program call penflicks or something which im assuming is for those screen tablets. but i dont need that and i cannot figure out how to get rid of it and it makes my cursor pause every time i put my pen down for drawing. serieosly frustrating. second problem i have is, that it works fine when the computer has just been turned on, but when i unplug the usb and come back later to use it, it doesnt respond, its light is on but, nothing happens when i try to use it. is there any way to set it up so i can just plug and unplug it as i please without restarting the computer?
anyone know what to do?


I am using XFree86-4.0.1 and have noticed that my tablet is not working
properly.Pressure sensitivity is the problem... it seems like gimp is either
getting a pressure of 0%, 100%, or some value higher that causes feedback
when using some paint tools. I was thinking it was a problem with Xfree,
but when i used the xinputev, i found it was giving proper values.



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