My laptop has Windows XP on it and it would just reboot all the sudden so I reformatted and everything was working fine untill I started downloading the drivers and it rebooted all the sudden I reformatted again and it did the same thing I then reformatted it again and now it will not go past the Windows installation. Can somebody help me please.

Try this trick that saved me allot of time when I had similar troubles with my machine:

Before PC attempts to boot from HD or CD, hit "del" and enter BIOS setup.
Once in, DISABLE your HD (HD only, leave Optical drive enabled) and boot from Windows setup CD and try installing it now.

This is a workaround for some bug with setup program that would crush installation once it tried to access corrupt registry file of the installed OS.
This way setup will skip that check and proceed with installation as if there was no XP installed (no repair option), and yet it would still install because XP doesn't rely on BIOS settings.

Of course, you will have to re-enable it on first restart (shortly after). Otherwise, you will not be able to boot from it.