Hi everybody.
I am about to buy all these components to build my first computer specifically for recording. Will there be any compatability issues, is there anything else i have forgotten?
Will i need to buy any cable's or anything or will they all be supplied?

AMD (Newcastle) Athlon 64bit 3400+ 754pin 512kb L2cache Retail Boxed Processor with 3 Year Warranty and Fan Included 058432 125 £146

Asus K8V-SE Deluxe S754 VIA k8t800 ATX Sound Gig lAN Firewire USB 2.0 FSB 800 Retail Box 059993 63 £69.00

Crucial CT6464Z40B 512mb DDR 400MHz PC3200 CL=3 Memory Module
046420 210 £41.76 x2 = £104

Seagate ST380013AS 80GB 7200rpm SATA Barracuda 7200.7 - OEM = £43.29

Seagate Barracuda ST3120026AS-RK 120GB SATA 7200RPM 8Mb Cache Retail Box =£61.54

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB DDR 8x AGP S-Video & TV Output Retail Box 051649 923 £30

NEC ND-3520A 16x DVD R/RW Dual Layer Internal IDE Black OEM=43.47

Ebuyer Computer Tool Kit 053825 2163 £3.49

Logitech Black PS2 Deluxe Keyboard - OEM= £6.00

Newmen Blue USB Crystal Optical Mouse With Blue Led Light £4.22

Sony OEM 3.5 Floppy Drive Black £4

Microsoft Windows Xp Home SP2 OEM -Single Pack
066489 293 £60

AG Neovo F417 17ins TFT 16ms 450:1 0.264mm 1280x1024 BLACK =£170

Antec Sonata Midi Tower in Piano Black Trupower 380W PSU - 9 Drive Bays=£75

VAT: £110.94 ( a bloody joke)
Total: £744.51

I am in desperate need of help and am extremely gratful for any recieved.
Thanks alot

grrr, im in america I dont knwo the eruo or pound conversion.

anyways IMO, I would go for the 64 3400+ 1MBL2 cache, because you can overclock 2.2Ghz to 2.4Ghz if you need it, and can not add another 512KB to your cpu if it doesnt have it ,( at least not in anyway I can think of)

Question! What kind of recording are we talking about?

I am assuming you mean audio recording:
You should get the cables you need with the motherboard package. Check out the manufacturer package details to ensure this though.
The only other thing I can see that would possibly be needed would be case fans if they are not included with the case.
I wouldn't worry about trying to find a 1Mb L2 cache 3400+, it will be an older chip than the one you are mentioning and will likely be harder to source. The newer chips are revisions with better memory controllers and the odds are that you won't miss the extra 512Kb cache with the power the chip has.
Another thing to note, you have chosen a motherboard that utilises the VIA K8T800 chipset. The nVidia nForce3 chipset is the best on offer for socket 754 so you may want to think about a different motherboard, although the difference between chipsets isn't that great to spend countless sleepless nights over it.
But all in all, it should be a good setup for home recording. I have a similar one with the same cpu but a diff motherboard (DFI Lanparty UT 250Gb) and I run my digital mixer straight into the spdif input. The sound quality is awesome since there is no audio degradation from running through the line/mic in. Running through the line/mic in is good, but you can hear the quality of the DAC (Digital to Analog Convertors) used in the motherboard. A little bit tinny, maybe tinny is a bad analysis, shall we say mildly dry? But definitely good enough for demo's and home recording. All motherboard DAC's will be about the same so if you're planning on getting pro sound quality you might want to think about a digital sound card in the future, but this setup will be more than adequate for home recording.

Thanks for the replys

I am going to be doing Audio and midi recording.

I going to go with that cpu as i dont need to overclock. its also very hard to find the one with the 1mb cache over here.
As far as the soundcard goes, i cant decide what to get but i will go with a specific audio card.

The thing im not sure about is the hard drives. there are two different sata drives available by seagate and im not sure what the difference is, anyone know?




£100 is about $200

hey szukalski, can I hook up my audio from the vcr to my pc using that connections on the back of the motherbaord?

because my video card has tv out and tv in, so if I can hook up my vcr using the S/PIF and the picture using the video card, I dont have to be a video capture card.

as for the harddrives, one is retail the other is OEm , thats all I can see

The two hard drives are identical except that the ST380817AS has NCQ.
NCQ is Native Command Queuing. What NCQ does is improve disk access, decreasing access times. Look here for an explanation.
You do need hardware/applications that will implement this technology though. I believe the nForce4 chipset does.
Either drive will suit your system fine.

If your video card has a tv in, then you can bring the audio in through either the spdif (if your video has a digital spdif output) or the line in. Just make sure your input is selected in nvMixer for the correct one and you should be fine.
I'm not sure if there will be any syncing problems between the video and audio though. If your video card takes longer to process the video than what the mb takes to process the audio then the audio may be off sync from the video a little. I can't really see it being a problem though.

Thanks for your help everyone, ive ordered my parts.

i've got a phillips 5.1 surround sound card and logitech speakers on 1 pc. the other 1 i'm going to be putting in a creative audiology zx2 5.1 surround card very soon along with creative speakers. i'd also reccommend a radeon graphics card over nvidea any day. reason being is i had an nvidea geforce 4 and it melted into the motherboard making the computer malfunction every few minutes. i had an AMD Abit motherboard (got a newer 1 now). the pc itself is a lean mean gaming machine.

my geforce in this comp is doing great. although i like my 9550 better. really nice to oc.

yeah they're not bad.

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