when i was charging my lappy the battery light was as usually orange but when it finished charging the light didnt turn blue but instead there was no light. i just thought the light might be broken or something but i noticed that the battery was only charged at 98%, next time i charged it was only 92% and now its only 89%.. anyone know the reason and what i can do? any help would be much appreciated!

Is the adapter you are using specific to the laptop?
If the specs are not the same, check under laptop,
example input power= 19v 1.6A and the power supply cable is different then you have possibly fracked your m/board.

thx for the reply!

the adapter was together with the lappy i bought so that shouldnt be the problem. and i havent changed or bought anything new since then

thx for the reply!

the adapter was together with the lappy i bought so that shouldnt be the problem. and i havent changed or bought anything new since then

Do you use laptop till it is totally dead ,if not use the laptop till its fully discharged ! then recharge it fully and use it again till fully dead ,then recharge it and see what it dose

Check the power adapter output power anyway. If it is direct power like the old Compaq Armada p2 then no problem. Otherwise the cable should have a square transformer box mid way along the cable. Look for text that says "Output: 19v 2.64a" Under the laptop is a label. On the label. look for text that says "Input: 19v 2.64a". Your input/output may say something else. These figures refer to my Asus L8400 laptop.

You say it came with the laptop. This does not necessarily mean it is the correct cable. Not many people realise that using just any old cablle will frack their laptop. At least check it and post "Yes it is the same input/output." (if it is identical), just for my benefit, please.

@caperjack: thx for the suggestion, will try that out

@jupiter: i checked the output from the adapter, it says 15V 6.A. under the lappy it says DC 15V 6.0A. but on the battery it says DC 10.8V 4000mAh, is that normal?

That's okay.
I was thinking that perhaps the cable (15V 6.A) was only 15V 2A
anything between 15v and 15v 6a would not fully charge the battery, its the extra amps that charge the upper limits.

The only other thing I can think of is where is it plugged into? Is it a powerboard that has a heater or air-conditioner and some other power draining product. Where possible, use a mains wall plug (power point). I know that an unused mains wall plug (powerpoint) is as rare as kryptonite but you may find you don't get a lag.

Other than that, this will be my last post for you, unless I think of something else!

I just thought of something. if you are running any programs when charging the battery, this will cause the fluctuations.
Also, you may have programs running in the background like anti-vrius software or auto-updates.
Lastly, the cycles of your battery have exceeded their limitations and you have to buy a new battery.
Have you resolved this delemna and if so, how?

hey, i have just solved the problem now. i tried what caperjack suggested. after the first time i discharged the battery it was still the same, after the second time the light turned blue again. i tried that a few time to see if it would stay that way and it did and it shows 100% again.

thx alot jupiter and caperjack for taking your time to help me!

the problem returned =( the battery charges every time now only up to around 60%.. i downloaded a trial of active smart and one thing is marked red, it says:

ID: C2, attribute name: temperature, threshold: 0, value: 100, worst: 100, status: arrow up 73

anyone know what that means or is there a site where i can look up what that is? and could that have anything to do with the problem? also, there was that screeching sound again, it happened a few times lately.

Better to buy a new battery. Take the laptop to a computer tech to ensure you get the correct battery for your laptop.

The screeching sound?
Maybe your hdd is cooking or the fan is full of dust. No other moving parts. Maybe you have a disk in the cd ddrive?

hi, thx for replying, jupiter!

no cd in the disk, hdd temperature wasnt overly high.. dont know if there is dust in the fan but the screeching sound was coming from where the hdd is placed..

yeah maybe i should really go and buy a new battery but can i actually use the current one until it cant be charged anymore or would that do any damage to the lappy?

oh and active smart shows now that everything is ok.

Start > Run
ChkDsk /F


This might eradicate the screeching sound.
You might want to consider saving any important files to a flash drive or cd.

I think you ought to take it to a tech.
He will charge about $65 just to say hello, but
he (I doubt there are any she-techs out there, never seen one) will advise you. The battery costs about $150. Check online for cost so you are prepared for the amount.

still havent found the time to do a back up but i m definitely going to do the chkdsk and also buy a new battery. thx for helping me again, jupiter!