Hey everyone. I have been using this Compaq V6000 laptop for two years now. Very recently, like for a couple of months I noticed my laptop would show up a blue screen with white text and restart itself. It would happen without no apparant reason. Since last month it started happening very frequently. Also, at times a white screen with horizontal lines would come and it would hang. Happened once. I took out the battery, put it back in and it worked fine.

Last night I turned it on, it went to desktop and the white screen with horizontal lines came up. I could'nt turn off by pressing and holding the power button. So i took out the battery and put it back in. Started fine, but then while loading windows vista it restarted automatically. Happened twice. Then it took me to a screen prompting me to repair something. Don't remember exactly what it was. Windows files perhaps. So I clicked on it and it started repairing. Then the screen became white again and it restarted itself. Only this time there were short grey lines on the left side of the screen that kept on flickering and nothing would happen. The lights were blinking and that's it. Took out battery and blah blah.

After putting it back in, the computer just WON'T START! I press the power button, all the blue lights come up, but I hear no noise except for the DVD drive spinning or something. And that's it. The screen is blank. The lights remain on for 5 secs and then go off. Like the computer is restarting. Then they come back on again and stay one for 5 secs, again off. Auto restart I think. This cycle keeps on happening unless I press and hold the power button in which case it turns off.

Now what shall I do? It might be worth mentioning, that about a couple of months back my wifi stoppd working. Just like that. It would always be red and won't turn on. Later I went to HP website and found out it was there problem and they were repairing it for free. But since I live in Bangladesh - no HP service centres here - I decided I'll just live without the wifi. Now this happens. I went on to the site and this is also one of the "symptoms" for their faulty BIOS or something. My laptop is among the list they have provided. Now what should I do? I got this as a gift from someone who had bought it in Canada. My warranty expired on Feb 2008. Now will HP repair my laptop for free since its their problem? If not, what should I do?
Please help guys! I am totally lost and I can't do my college work.