Hey guys,
I got a DV9000 that is giving me a headache!! I hope there is a guru here that can help me work through this. The laptop was working fine, then one day I turned it on and it booted right before Windows and it said "No Operating System Found"

Okay so, seems easy enough, ill just make a boot disk or try to get into safe mode and figure it out that way right? Nope everytime i turned it on it rebooted itself quicker and quicker until now it reboots about 2 seconds after i hit the power button so it's not even like I can get to the bios to try something... I dont get it, it didn't have any problems or warning signs it just died.

Sooooo... this is my 3rd HP DV9000 model laptop, I still have the motherboard and all from the previous, only thing wrong with it was the screen cracked ... well then i scrapped the hdds for external storage. Maybe i can swap out other parts to revive this one?

Any help and/or suggestions will help very much.
Ps- it never beeped or anything like that...

well if it says that there is no operating system i would say to
try intalling a diffrent hard drive

agree with post above ... try installing a new hard drive...

Try and get a hold of a linux live CD if this works then the computer should work with a new hard drive.