i have an Abit kx7-333r which won't boot after there's been any tampering with the bios, in fact, you don't have to change anything in the bios at all, just "save and exit" and it fails to re-start

i've already flashed the bios with the latest version, but no joy

it runs fine when you leave the bios alone after clearing the ccmos memory, but it runs at 1300mhz, the cpu is 2200mhz and with the newly flashed bios it "can" handle a 2600mhz chip

any help would be good

Point one: There is no such thing as a '2600MHz' Athlon XP processor. The fastest one ever produced is the 3200+ model, which runs at 2200MHz. If your processor is a 2200+ it is supposed to operate at 1800MHz

Point two: There have been more than one model of many Athlon XP processors of the same Performance rating, and they are not all necessarily suitable for your board.

Try this:

Obtain your motherboard manual from


Reset CMOS, following the instructions outlined on page 2-12 of that manual.

Reboot, and see if your system detects the processor at the correct speed, and operates correctly. If not, you seem to have a processor that is not suitable for the board. I can't be precisely sure, as the figures you've given don't fully make sense.

Report back please, and I'll look into it further if necessary.

sorry about the mis-information, i forgot there was a difference between an amd chip's name and it's actual speed, i didn't mean to confuse you like that

doesn't matter now anyway, the motherboard doesn't actually detect the speed of the cpu and it starts out set at 1500+ in the bios, i was just setting it slightly higher to around 1800+ or 2000+....but today in a fit of desperation i set it right to the top "2100+ or higher", saved the bios and restarted, then after the monitor had switched itself off it sprang into life again, running at 2200+. i managed to install xp with it so i guess it's working fine now, only time will tell

thanks for the help tho

It sure looks to me like you are overclocking it...

Have you checked the temp, do you monitor it with a windows app?

Have you looked up the specs to find the real processor speed...

AMD's are misleading... AMD 2200+ does NOT mean it runs at 2200 mhz...

Nope. Not overclocked at all it seems. I just checked the manual, and BIOS setup allows the processor to be set by PR number. The setting of "2100+ or higher" has allowed the board to correctly identify it.

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