hi to all
i need to buy 64 bit motherboard and its compatable processor and 4 gb ram ddr 3.
can anybody tell me the product name(model number) for upper mention confrigation preferbly intel

thanx i need it urgent
waiting for response

vishal sharma

What do you want to use the PC for?

Also if you want to go 64 bit (all mobos these sdays are 64 bit - so I'll assume you want to use the 64 bit OS), you should consider 8GB to take advantage of 64 bit. Then you can get a humungus gra[hics card (if that's what you want) without affecting performance due to memory assignments. And so on.

If you want a powerhouse, we'd be recommending one of the Intel Quad Cores.

So waddaya need the PC for?

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