I was formatting a brand new hard drive the other day and my computer froze up so I just shut it off. Now the new hard drive is not being detected in BIOS or in Windows. When I go into the BIOS setting and try to auto detect the hard drive, it window pops up that says "Auto Detecting Hard Drives..." I let the computer do its thing for about 10 hours and the window never went away and the hard drive was not detected. What should I do to fix this?

When I boot the computer it looks like this.

IDE Channel Master 0: WDC WD160.....
IDE Channel Master 1:

Channel 1 used to have a name just like channel 0 but after the computer crashed it is blank. When I enter the BIOS settings and go to Channel 1 it shows that it is 0gb and I try to use the Auto Detect Hard Drive and it will try to detect it for over 12hours untill I shut it down.