what are the meaning please give me cos thats my assignment in my studies in IT

Well you have to clarify a bit more...
Anyways AMD (Advanced Micro Devices.) has wide variety of processors. Single core, dual core, triple core, quad core and even 6 cores.

The basic architecture is either 65nm (for older processors) and 45nm for newer ones. The older Athlon processors were of 65nm technology but the newer Phenom II's have all swtiched to 45nm technology.

They have a few types of sockets, AM2, AM2+, and AM3. AM2+ socket is compatible with both AM2 and AM3

AMD processors are categorized by K7, k8, k9, and K10 series, with K10 being the latest series.

Also you might want to look into Cache (L1, L2, L3 etc). Look into Hyperthreading, etc.

And since this is your assignment, I think this much information is good to get you started...so now go use your notes and Google to do your research.

If you stumble across something specific which isn't clear than come back here and ask.

X86 architectured and AMD originated architectured are main type of processor of AMD.