I have a laptop that has been through hell and back recently.
Long story short, my HDD crashed last month and I bought a brand new one to replace the now dead one. I lost everything and was unable to recover anything. I had a bit of trouble installing the OS until I finally got a copy of Windows XP Pro...Afterwards, I did everything I thought was necessary (installation of drivers,installing anti-virus software,updating to SVP 3, etc)

The only major difference now is that instead of being online through the same wireless connection I had before (through wi-fi/and a wireless router) I am now connected through an ethernet cable to a modem in which my ISP provided.....How safe is this? Why can't I successfully use my little wi-fi button and have what I had before?

***The PROBLEM: Almost everyday, my computer freezes. I tried to even temporarily disable my anti-virus (I use A-Squared) to see if that would help. A majority of the work I do HAS to be done online, and I'll be in the middle of typing and my computer freezes to the point where I have to keep restarting it. I can't even press ctrl+alt+dlt. *********************************************

It NEVER did this before. Am I missing something? Could a virus/trojan cause things like this to happen? Although I'm more experienced repairing desktops, I have limited experience dealing with laptop recovery/repairs, but I did everything I knew to do when it crashed last month. (I bought a new hard-drive,installed the OS, updated the drivers,installed most of the necessary software I had on there before, and with the exception of how I have my internet connection set-up, everything is essentially the same!!)

I keep reading how it could be RAM, or a heatsink issue. Well, how can I find out for sure? All ideas,suggestions will greatly be appreciated!!:icon_neutral:

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
Have a look at your Devise Manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks on any listing, if so right click on them and click update driver.
To access the “Devise Manager” Go “Start” “Run” type “devmgmt.msc” without the “ “ then press “OK”
I know its a new hard drive but it still could be faulty. Right click on your drive in MY Computer, Click properties, click tools, click Checknow, put a check in both boxes and click start. Reboot your machine and allow it to check your drive, it could take over an hour.
If you are still having problems check your event viewer for problems.
Post back if you need more assistance, Good luck.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try to do that at some point today! :icon_exclaim: