Hey all,

I just bought an iomega external USB drive, Ive hooked it up to my mac but it's not recognising the drive.

It's formatted in FAT32; is that not mac compatible?

It's a 1TB drive, do I need to partition it into smaller sections?

Which format should I use given that I'll be using it with windows and mac computers?

It's confusing stuff!!

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I think you have to use fat as macs use that! However fat does have a problem that there is a limit on the size of files that can be saved in FAT. I have also had a lot of trouble with the Iomega software that came with the external hard disk and eventually got rid of that software (and then reformatted) and now it works well but I do not have a mac so I went down the NTFS route.
There maybe some Mac software that lets it read NTFS.

(right-click) My Computer > Manage > Disk Management > (right-click) the external drive and select "Format" > Choose whether you want a "Quick Format" or "Enable File and Folder Compression".

There is a problem with my USB that whenever i copy some data into it ,first of all it shows right then after removing and again connecting it shows it empty .Is there any solution for this ?

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I think that to solve your problem do a google search under FAT partition size FAT has a 'wall' of maximum partition size of 4 Gb. You will have to split the Terrabyte into more partitions if you are going to use FAT. (which is MAC & windows compatible). Thus you will end up with the same space but spread over other 'logical' drives.
As far as the USB not being recognised it maybe worth shutting down explorer and restarting it ( or even refresh) as some USB drives do not always reconnect via explorer!

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