I'm really sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, I'm in a bit of a rush and as such didn't have time to check first. Basically I was just wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem or knew of a way of fixing it. I updated to the latest nVidia GeForce drivers the other day, and since doing so I've noticed that any video files I play seem to have ridiculously high brightness and contrast which makes them unwatchable. I'm having trouble getting a screenshot as winamp, windows media player and DIVx all seem to prevent me screening them. It seems to be doing this sporadically though, as when I just tried to screen it, it was working fine, then I started playing a file again and it was back to how it was before. I'm sorry for the vague description, but without a screenshot it's difficult to describe well. I've tried to mess with the graphics cards settings like gamma, color correction etc but to no avail and I also tried to rollback the driver to the previous version but this also yielded no results. As I said, this issue has only arisen after updating to the latest nVidia GeForce driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(System specs for reference : Pentium 4 HT 3.6gHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 300GB SATA HDD, Audigy 2ZS Sound)

Problem solved.

It seems the driver install had screwed around with the graphics card color correction overlay settings. Changed it back to normal and videos seem to be working fine now.