I would like to upgrade to a larger computer monitor but have no idea how to do this! I currently have a 17" ViewSonic Flat Panel Monitor (LCD Display), 1280x1024 Black, Model #VA712b, with 8ms Video Responce! Can anyone offer advice on what I should look for while shopping so I'll avoid buying the wrong monitor? I'd like a 19" or 20", something not too large to read emails but large enough to enjoy watching my DVDs. All advice will be greatly appreciated. I have NEVER purchased a new computer monitor before so am a little nervous, to say the least! Please help! I use Windows XP Pro SP3, Intel Pentium 3, with 27gb hard drive, 384 mb RAM, Video card is ATI Radeon 7200 with 64 mb RAM, Sound Blaster audio. I have DVD-ROM, a CD burner, a 10/100 network card and US Robotics v90 56k modem. Thank you for your help.

Janda5, you are being funny right?

screw the LCD upgrade your system first.

If you don't wish to upgrade your system, just get any LCD, Acers are the cheapest, and run like a charm.

The technology for LCD is tried and tested, it's hard to go wrong, unless you buy some Chinese crap brand.

Well they are all made in china anyway, but look for some Popular brands, Acer, BenQ, Samsung, Dell, etc..