No matter how I turn the system off OS wise the laptop restarts in 5 secounds every time even from safe mode shutdown.Now if I wait till the leds all go out and the screen goes blank and use the Power Button on the laptop and hold it down till I hear the power Click(relay I assume}the laptop will stay off till I Power up with the switch again.I've run every virus checker and Spyware program I could find.I've removed the battery and even pulled the CPU and repacked with silver heatsink comp.and cleaned vents.I've swaped the power supply and even the ram.This has been a real stinker for about 2 months now could use some ideas here please.I even reinstalled Windows XP!

No luck but thanks for the try.Sorry for the late response have been very busy at work playing catch up.

Do this:

Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
Clear the Automatically restart check box under System failure, and then click OK.

Click Start > Run
In the text box type the following and then press ENTER: cmd
In the command prompt type the following and then press ENTER: shutdown -s -t 01

You should get a blue screen with a stop error. Please post it here.

Good Luck

Stop 0X000000c2
If you need the entire stop I'll photo paste it here and thanks again.

Sorry about the delay...

Are you using FAT32 or NTFS?

To find out, go to My Computer, right-click your system drive (usually "c:") and select Proterties. Look at the file system.

This problem can happen when xp is installed as an upgrade. I see you have done a clean install.

certain system errors can initiate a restart. since your error is happening at shutdown. it restarts instead.

please do the following:
hold the windows key and press r
in the run window, type: devmgmt.msc
from the view menu, select Show Hidden Devices
are there any yellow exclamation marks? If so what are they?

Did this problem occur from the time you did a clean install of xp, or later? You did do a clean install -- not a repair, right?

I did a clean install because of this problem but it did not help.5 secounds after the laptop blue power light goes out it comes back on and reboots but if i use the power button to shut it down as soon as i see the blue light come back on and hold it down for a few secounds till it goes out again all is well the laptop stays powered down.Everything seems to be working great on it except for the reboot pain lol.

This is taking some time, I know. I am sure we will get to the bottom of it. When you hold the power button it circumvents the operating system. The problem with that is that any data in your disk cache waiting to be written will be lost and your system could ... eventually will, become corrupt (assuming you disk has a cache and it is enabled). So this is important to get fixed... not just annoying. I will keep looking into the problem and we can try one step at a time untill it is resolved.

I've been studying this issue for several hours and it seem I still don't have enough information. Would you please do the following:

Post the entire message.

Run the MS memory diagnostic tool from
(Run the extended test by pressing T while Windows Memory Diagnostic is running.
Let it run overnight, and post results -- any failures?)

If the RAM checks out ok, I suspect a driver is trying to free memory that is already free. The most likely thing would be your video driver, though it could be any. Did you install XP with a Original Equipment Manufacturer's CD/DVD or a retail version?

Sorry this is turning into a long process.