I bought a graphics card a few years ago and recently my monitor developed a habit of not showing the display. Remobing and reconnecting the monitor cable a few times solves the problem. So yesterday, this happened again and I decided to temporarily switch to the on-board display adapter. After that, when I boot up the computer, everything displays correctly up to the point where windows boots up. I use XP and I see the blue progress bar loading and then the monitor displays the message saying "WArning, Signal our of range" the screen starts to flicker terribly.
Now, by the way, I've dual booted with linux and this doesn't happen when I boot into linux. Does any one know what's wrong?

Hi, there is resolution problem u have set high resolution that is not supported by your monitor . so solve this problem u have to set low resolution by follow the following steps
1- after system start-up make a right click
2- and then press down key 7 times
3- and then press right key 2 times
4- and then press down key 2 times
5- and then press Enter key
Monitor resolution will set 600*something