i use Dell inspiron 530 system with core 2 duo e4400 2 g hz processor.
and 1 GB ram. vista home premium OS.

now a days I face lot of problems during post boot up period(almost hang).

when I check RAM in- computer->system it shows 501 MB RAM.

This means one of the module has failled.

but sometimes it shows full RAM 1012(or 1013, i just cant recall correctly) and that time system runs fine.

I also disabled background intelligent services.

I am puzzled what's exactly problem is.


ps: these are original memories no new module added.

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i use Dell inspiron 530 system with core 2 duo e4400 2 g hz processor.
and 1 GB ram. vista home premium OS.

Why would you do that to yourself?

1GB RAM for Vista.

Upgrade your RAM 1GB is too little.

Maybe it's a software issue, whole 512 MB will not disappear without giving you hell when you boot.

Try taking one of the DIMMS out and booting use it for a while and then take out the other and place the first one back in and try the same.

Honestly though, I would just get 2 x 2GB Ram Minimum.


Thanks for the reply.

(1) OS is 32 bit so only max RAM support is 3 GB.
(2)4 slots and each slot can support only 1 GB maximum.
(3)also Ram need to be set in pairs 1-3,2-4 .

I think I can upgrade to 2 GB only maximum.
I dont know 2 modules with 1 gb and 2 with .5 shall work smoothly or not??

how come one know RAM has failled or dust issue?



I think you didn't understand.

I mean the RAM is likly not bad, Did you try what I told you?

You can get 512 512 512 512.

2GB is Max on 32-bit.

you can mix and match the RAMS, but it is best practise to keep them the same. Hense I suggest you store the RAM you have and purchase two fresh DIMMS.


Have called the h/w guy to check the current module's.
If both modules are ok then shall think to add 2 500mb ram's with same frequency.

ps: 2 gb or 3 gb maximum on 32 bit,plz confirm.


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