I would like to ask you some question :
1. my computer always restart every two hours .i don't know what problem is .
my friend told me it because power supply or sometime it cause from video card but when i check it seem OK .what should i do next to stop this problem ?? please tell me .
thank you very much for your work

Is there anything in the event log about why it is restarting?
Have you cleaned the dirt out of the heat sink for the CPU this year?
Does the fan on the power supply spin and how warm is the air coming out?


Just to check your not running Windows 7 RC are you?

First above all i would like to know which antivirus are you using. Because the restart problem is always due to a virus. Hence I can guarantee you that there wont be any virus in your system. And check the device manager whether all the drivers are installed properly , If not, then just install the driver. If the device doesn't work still , Install the Virtualbox software and use the device under it.

another thing, Just go to the power management and try to set everything to always on. If you are very much concerned find the settings to hibernation and turn it off.