Please help.
I reinstall the window, but I don't have the driver CD.
So I download some driver in the ibm website
My laptop is thinkpad t42 2378
I download some driver including BIOS, and I run it without knowing that I shouldn't set up or update BIOS.
I restart 2 times, it's ok.
The day after, I press the power button, it showed some error in the screen and shut down.
I tried to restart the window but NOTHING HAPPEN BUT A BLACK screen.
I tried to press F1, F2.... F11, Del ... but it can't help.

What do I do now? Help me please. Thank you

Sorry MOD. the 1st time I go here, I don't know where can I post the topic so I post here.

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definitely sounds like a bios flash gone wrong. i agree with cowprit. contact IBM, and try to find a way to initiate a new bios flash. keep in mind that when you're doing a flash, dont touch anything. just walk away. if anything happens (any errors included) during a bios flash, you're machine is going to be a paperweight.
good luck

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