I have an IBM Laptop circa 2004. I have moved to a mountain climate in Linden,Arizona. The temperature can be from 0 degrees at night to 30-35 in the day time. The inside temperature in the mornings is maybe 50 degrees. When I turn the laptop on it spins with a grinding type noise for a few minutes before sounding normal. Is the cold temperature and the grinding harmful to the machine? I'm typing on it right now and it works well as it has for years. However I just moved to this area in the summertime and am beginning to be concerned that I may be harming the machine without preheating it before turning it on. I have put it next to our room heater and have been careful to just gently warm the computer with in folded up and not running. I am cautious about it and obviously it is operational. Do you have any advice that I should change what I am doing to help the machine to continue to serviceable?

Thank you very much in advance.


Rather than the hard drive, the noise is more likely to be the CPU fan. I use a Lenovo (IBM) x61 laptop which became noisy until I pulled it's fan apart and greased it up, it now runs almost silently!