hi,i have a philips freevent MT4100(well its a friends brought to be fixed) he changed the PSU before giving it to me,its 300w.when i turned the pc on all that happened was the PSU fired up but nothing else did,the fans on the motherboard and the chasis didnt budge,now when i start it up it does nothing,is it the power supply or something more sinister? plz help

ps on the back of the power pack is a red swithch for different power outputs,neither of the two change anything as far as powering up the pc goes

eek! dont ever change that red switch on the back! always set that at 115, or 120, whichever is closest. that could have fried the motherboard right there. but probably not.

it seems like your motherboard is fried anyway. try unplugging everything and plugging it back in... disconnect all peripherals for the duration of this issue...

do any lights on the motherboard light up? especially the ethernet port. if that doesnt, the board is probably definitely dead. you might try spending $30 on a POST card to see for sure, but it probably wont tell you much. it's something good to have around though.