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I am building a budget computer for someone and need a beige case that is well built. I have used the slk1600 from antec in the past but that is hard to come by. Is there a model out there that is the same price point as the slk1600? Around 50 -55 delivered? Also the same quality build? I really like antec. I can't find it for under 65 now except one place and they only have two and others had it but can't get it any more. HELP>

Case prices have gone up recently. Cases of a certain quality that I could get for $25 and free shipping now cost a minimum of $40 and cost $10-$15 to ship. The only reason I can come up with to explain this trend is that there are many more computer builders/enthusiasts now than there were a few years ago, which has driven up case demand and the prices along with it.

Most of the places that offered cases at rediculous prices don't exist anymore. Newegg is still one of the most competitive places, but they too have increased their case prices over the past year or so. I checked their site and found that you can't get that case for less than $80 after shipping. It's a shame.