Am thinking of buying an ATI HD 5670 card, but I know ATI is used for AMD PCs, while mine is an Intel one. Buying and using an ATI card on Intel will cause an issue?
Also I currently have a 7600GS of NVidia, and needs only to be plugged in the PCI-E slot to work, is the ATI HD 5670 same, or does it need to be connected to the PS ?


You can use any brand graphics card, the only restriction is it must fit; pci-e and must have enough power. Can you post the specific card you are looking at?

hi, i've seen 2 models, the HD 5670 DDR3 1GB and Asus Radeon EAH5670 1GB DDR5
my MB is Asus P5B-VM

ATI cards are not only used on AMD machines! AMD now own ATI. ATI cards can be used on any PC with the correct port as they always have been.