I recently spilled water onto between the mouse clickers of my Dell Studio 1555 and for about 8 hours I could get no life out of it, the charger light would not even come on.

However, since then it comes on fine, but randomly and with no warning sometimes it just powers off and then won't come back on. To get it to come back on I have to remove and reinsert (sometimes several times) the battery. When its on it works fine but its really annoying that I don't know when it will happen or why.

It happens usually when:
I'm watching a film/online tv program
If I pick the machine up and move it.

My warranty expires in 8 days so I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks

Get it repaired under warranty. Water can do major damage to a laptop!

Good luck with the Dell warranty, I hear they have great customer service :-)

Concerning the water spill, in some cases the laptop must be dis-assembled, inspected for damage, and then if no damage has been done to the components it can be soaked in distilled water and then dried out. I dont recommend attempting this repair unless you know exactly what youre doing.

Furthermore, if nyou have trouble with Dell's customer service, you might want to consider paying a local repair shop to work with Dell on your behalf to get the warranty processed.

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