Hello All,
Just reading some of these threads makes me feel like I am way out of my league. But makes me feel more confident that someone can help me.

OK. Here is the deal. I was working in Germany a few weeks ago and came across a great deal on a sony vaio laptop. Everything was in German (ya who would have guessed :lol: )
Well, I had my windows xp disc with me, so figured no big deal. I got home, formatted the new laptop and installed xp pro in english. I went to the sony site and got all the drivers and installed them.

The problem is that now the machine does not see the hardware for the dial up modem or for speakers. When I look at control panel or network, it simply says that there is no hardware for these. My boss seems to think that the bios may need to be changed. I have no idea how to do this or even check if this is the problem. Any advice?


If the hardware worked with the German language OS then it is not a BIOS problem. Are you sure you have the correct drivers for the two items. I assume when you write the speakers don't show up in Device Manager, you actually mean the audio drivers. If you have the original German recovery disks you can try having the system search for new hardware and if any is found point to the location where the original German software drivers are stored. I work in Japan and run into this problem quite often. You can also try to update the hardware drivers using Windows Update. Hope this helps.