Intel D845GRG MB
2 GB Ram
2.4 Ghz Pentium 4
nVidia 6200 PCI

Hi all, I realize this computer is really old.

Obsolete even, but I am trying to cluster. (I have other older computers too.)

I bought a 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4 Prescott, 533 Mhz, 1Mb Cache. The 845GRG maxes out at the 2.8 Ghz level, but it states is has only support for the 512 Cache.

Would the differences in the cache sizes keep the board from even sending power to the Prescott? I put the "new" processor in but it remains cold. Does not even get warm.

I already looked at the Intel site, the Prescott I bought is for the 945 chip-set (I think, can't remember exactly, but it was not the 845).

My questions are these, other than buying a newer board, is there some way to flash the bios to recognize the newer processor? Would the processor remain cold, even if it would not work? Should it at least get warm?

I also tried the Prescott in an Intel 845pt, which accepts even lesser processors, but it was still cold. They are all socket 478.

Even if it won't work, I would think it would at least spin/get warm.

Without being there to actually fool with the system, have you had the processor checked out? Meaning, are you sure it isn't dead to begin with? Just something to check out before you spend any real money.