I have a pocket hard drive I got in school. It's formatted for Mac, but I have a PC and no where to use it now. It still has photos and info I need access to.

I heard that items formatted for Mac will work with PC, but not the other way around. I can't just try it out, because I don't have a firewire port installed, yet.

If I install a firewire port, will I be able to use it, or
will I have to have it reformatted?

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I think you have it reversed... Macs from long ago recognized FAT and FAT32, so they could access PC disks, and copy files from them. Unless you had special software on your PC, you could not access a Mac floppy disk. OF course, this only applied to HD floppy disks, not the DS ones.

As for your situation, I think you need to find another Mac, and transfer the files there. I could be wrong, but Mac formats devices using HFS or HFS+, and that is not something that PC's are geared to deal with under Windoze. You might find support for the file system under Linux, however.

I would take the device over to someone with a Mac, or perhaps an Apple store / dealer, and see if they can copy the contents for you to a CD-ROM. Bring along a blank when you go see them -- it shouldn't take long, and people like to help others out.


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