Ok i have 2 sticks of Corsair ddr 512mb - VS512MB400

Now when i first had some i just bought the one stick on its own, and i thought it was great 512mb from 256mb. But i noticed it start to slow down during games at weird times. I have noticed that it will go for aroud 10-15 minutes then it will slow down for around 45 seconds then go back to normal, then it will do it again in 10-15 more minutes, which can get really annoying.

So i thought maybe i need some more, so i went out and bought the same RAM again so i have two exact pieces of RAM, but the problem is occuring. I have tried each piece of RAM on its own but i am still getting the problem.

What is the problem... :sad:

It is very likely your processor is getting too hot. Most motherboards have a setting in the bios that if the processor gets near its melting point it will cut the processor's power limiting its power to either 50% or less. This will cause what you are explaining. I suggest you add more case fans to fix this. But right now you can install motherboard monitor ( http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Info/Motherboard-Monitor.shtml ) it will let you see your processor temps while you are playing a game.

Typically good temps never get higher than 60* C under a full load (PC temps are measured in celcius for a standard). Some people even believe 60* is too hot, but we will just go with this number for now. Post back with the temperature reading of your processor while playing a game for about 15 mins. (you can usually pause the game and quickly press the windows key and D to minimize the game to the desktop to see the temperature of the processor.)

I hope this was understandable. If not post back and i will try to clairfy more.
Best of luck -nizzy1115

Ok i have had my problem solved, it wasn't nothing to do with the motherboard temp but to do with something that i had installed. I have some football alerts installed and i found out that they were my problem.

During my games those alerts would take up all of my CPU. When i opened task manager and went to processes my games would go down to as little as 1 CPU and the alerts would take around 99 CPU, which explains why it slows down for around 45 seconds.

Uninstalled the alerts now and everything is now fine again.

cheers for trying to help :D