My Toshiba lap top screen has gone black. What can i do about it?

2 things you should do is 1 - start your own thread and 2 - put an accurate description of your problem. "Gone black" is not enough information for us to work with.

TEST 3) Upon booting up does the screen turn reddish or pinkish at first and then get clearer in a few minutes. If so the backlight is almost burned out which is as long and skinny as the metal in a fireworks sparkler and is located in the bottom of the LCD screen.

i am having exactly the same case as test 3. any way to fix that?

I have a compaq laptop and the screen just randomly went off. The windows start screen loads and then it just goes black but you can see my cursor?

This happened to me today and i turn it on and off various amount of times and still nothing I'm getting fussy with it i take the battery out and unplug the cord hold the button and put it back in and nothing ! Someone help

Thanks for the great help [page 1p]. I removed my battery, then turned my laptop back on; now I'm back in business!

I have a toshiba satellite laptop and having kinda the same problem. Every time I get on and in the middle of something my screen goes black and I can still hear my computer running but I can't see anything on mine. It's just black. Should I try taking the battery out and doing the 60 second thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Create a new thread and we will help you.

• 2) REMOVE YOUR AC ADAPTOR CORD, that's the wall power, remove it.

This didn't work for me but here's what I did

1) Power off
2) Open the lid to about 30 degrees, enough to be able to access the power switch.
3) Press the power switch to power up, leaving the lid partially opened.
4) After the operating system is running the lid can be opened completely.

THIS HELPED ME ALOT! :) My laptop is a Compaq Presario. Screen was black for 4 days and it worked after doing the instruction :) I'm so happy

This is instruction is from Jabe! Godbless you MAN!:)

hi there,
I'm new here and I need support from someone...
I buy notebook toshiba ac100 3 weeks before and I suffer major problem...
something happened with my screen , I press the power button and notebook is running /I can tell from turning on play-multimedia button for music and it plays music/ but the screen is not running !
I try many many things, like only on A/C , only on battery , pushing button for switch between screen and ext.monitor , but unfortunately - the screen was still black !
so I connect to flat tv with HDMI cable, and there you go - i have the screen ot the TV , but only there !
my question is this is problem with the screen or something I do wrong ?!
thank you in advance.

It sounds like your baacklight inverter has failed. You will need to get a professional to replace it unless you are capable of stripping your screen apart yourself!

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well received, 10x for your support, I'm on ship now, service is fading out and our electronic engineer is not helping me at all, so I guess I'm going to take it appart and will see where is the problem with this toshiba little friend :)

On the inverter board there will be a surface mount fuse. Check it out with a test meter. If it is open circuit then replacing it may get things sorted cheaply!

My toshiba laptop screen suddenly turned black,but if looking closely you can still barely see what is on the screen

Check the video out on teh external monitor.
ALso check the backlight of the LCD.

Hope this helps!
Tech Manager

I had the same problem with an acer travelmate c300. I've just throw it and buy a pc. I never trust laptops.

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Hi my lap top is a coby notebook and when I turn it on it says a whole bunch of stuff such as it will boot in 5 4 3 2 1 then it goes to a black screen with a white blinking line at the top left hand corner the line is about a centimeter long !! Please help me !!

Hi my lap top is a coby notebook and when I turn it on it says a whole bunch of stuff such as it will boot in 5 4 3 2 1 then it goes to a black screen with a white blinking line at the top left hand corner the line is about a centimeter long !! Please help me !!

Hi, please don't reply to this thread and open a new thread so we can attend to your problem...

Plz my laptop,LG, wil just go blank after showing me 'starting windows' wen i try startin d system normally but u cud stil hear d bootin sound. But wen i use d safe mode starT up,it wil show my screen normally, wat do i do?

Can you please start a new thread so volunteers can respond to it. Thank you. If you do not know how to do it, ask.

Somebody shud plz answer my question.

Can you do what i say first.


I had the same problem this morning and fortunately I found this thread using Google.
I have a Sony Vaio that had the same problem this morning; the screen was very dark and I could hardly see my icons. Unfortunately the first method (switch power off, take battery out, press on button for 60 seconds) did nto work for me. But because of your suggestions I realised that there might be a problem with my inverter. So I opened it up and saw that the wire connecting the screen to the inverter had come off. I reconnected it and now it is working perfectly !!
If you want to access your inverter this site provides useful information:
Good luck everyone and thank you!!!

I have a Toshiba Satellite A 50 giving me a hard time for a while. Long story short, the boot up was normal but the screen was black all the time, not the slightest hint of light on the screen.The only thing that wasn't too good was the battery, but that shouldn't cause the black screen, wright? Wrong! By accident I turned it on with no battery and it worked like magic again and again and again. Powered off , battery back in,black screen 8 out of 10 tries. So that's how I solved my black screen problem.Hope it helps if someone is in the same situation as I was.

Aircard was still lit after shutdown. Power on button resulted in lights but black screen. Found your answer to remove battery and disconnect power, held button for 60 secs and screen returned. Prayer works and so do you! Thanks so much for your help!!! =)

I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite A100 one day the screen went black but I was able to turn it on and the power was running but the screen was black and I was trying to figure out what happened to it but its been months and still nothing, so what can I do?

Please not posting in this thread anymore. If you have similar problem, please make a new thread to make things easier for volunteers to help you with whatever problem you might had.

Thanks Justadash! Thanks what i needed!

I have to use the inbuilt battery whenever i want to work normally on my laptop, when the battery is weak, i need to plug and charge again but i cannot use the laptop as the screen turned black, i have to wait for at least 2 hours till the in built battery has completed charging full, then i unplugged th epower charging and i could use the in built battery for another 2 hours or so and i need to stop everything and wait for the in built battery to get full again

pertaining to the problem i faced due to the screen turned black, i make another try is when the rebbot time, i change everthing into safe mode with network command, i coul duse the computer while it is charging and the screen would not turned black but there is only one weakness, there is no audio support when in safe mode, tell me how to overcome this problems, mu laptop is a toshiba 300

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