Try This: Use a very bright light, a flashlight will work, at an angle and see if you can see the contents of the laptop screen. If you can then right click on the screen and change your display settings to output only to an external monitor, just don't use your laptop screen. This may be a solution for some.

no offense but half of you are morons a laptop does not use a light bulb they use an L.C.D screen the best solution is to plug it into a monitor for a desktop computer if your computer has a vga port and if it does not then take out the battery and put it in and turn it on then before it starts all the way up take it out and just plugin the charger turn it on and then un plug it after that put the battery back in and plug it in to the charger and wait 1 minute and then press enter then your computer will repair start up issues and then it will restart when it does it should work. if it still doesent work take it to a geek squad and have them look at it.

commented: Trying to figure out the chronology of your suggestion here. But think I have it. Will try. +0

My computer screen is black but i can see the writing a little bit (becuz my eyes r good lolz) What can i do about that screen. I'm a student and i need my laptop!!!!

Waw u people are like Nerds !!!! hehe weirdos **

The problem seems like the dislpay has gone to sleep mode or hibernate. You need to change the power plan of the monitor.

This just happened to me! i restarted it and my laptop did it again. So i slamed the screen down in fustration because i need to do my University work and now its fine. but im still worried it'll do it again and i'll lose all of my work :(

Here in 2012 looking for an answer to the original question. Funny. Have tried the battery out thing, but not working. This laptop had been sitting unplugged for a couple of months. I think that a battery replacement must be in order. Thanks.

i have the same problem but it works wow

OMG!!! it woked The umplug and take the battery out trick THANKS EVERY ONE!!

This worked for me too. I can't believe it really . Has anyone been doing this for a long time or is my note book going to die soon? Also do you think formatting it could help in anyway? Thanks : )

it may happen because of un proper shut down
that is still some program may run.

it may happen because of un proper shut down
that is still some program may run.

I had the same problem as thrdel. I tried going back to a previous time, then recovery drive disk and finally taking the battery out. Taking the battery out was the charm. I remembered earlier in the day the battery only had nine minutes of power available and I let the charge go all the way down. Since the battery takes so long to recharge it could not keep the screen on for some reason. I have a six year old Toshiba laptop.

I have a HP DV9000 laptop and the screen is black.
If i look good i can see a little bit but it is very dark.
I changed it for a working screen from an other dv 9000.
It stays the same.
On an external monitor it is working good.
Any ideas?

I had the same problem with a Toshiba Satellite A300-21H. The screen would turn very red whenever it switched on from screen saver mode,

then the proper colours would show after a couple of seconds.
After two days it would turn very red and then just go black. You could barely see the outline of whatever was on the screen.
It turned out to be the laptop LCD inverter, which is a circuit bord that connects between the motherboard and the screen. I got a new one for

£10 (UK) and replaced it after gaining access to it by removing the screen bevel. There are lots of videos on You Tube telling you how to

replace screens, but I haven't found one that shows how to replace the laptop LCD inverter.
However by following the instructions on the link below I worked out how to do it.

STEP 15 shows the inverter. I only needed to do steps 9 to 15, not the rest.
You will need to find the repair details on this site for your individual laptop.

I have the same problem today with my Dell latitude, will this battery removal method help me or not?

Thank you very much indeed for your help! It worked for me the advice you gave above: Remove the battry and press the on butten for 1 minute fixed the problem.

Laptop screen turned black but laptop still running..... i had this happen to my Toshiba yesterday. All of a suddent the screen when black but in the light I can see that it's still on et. Since I use this for business it's not a good thing. I plugged in an external monitor and I can see my screen just fine and the laptop even lit up again for a few min. All the suggestions about taking out the battery seem odd and unrelated, but I will give it a try. It makes no difference if it's plugged in or on battery it's the same screen activity or lack thereof. I'm just trying to back up the entire system and may just chuck the computer completely. It's a few years old anyway. If I have any success I will repost.

Shutting off the computer removing the battery was a waste of time. If you can plug in your computer to another monitor and see your screen then you know the laptop screen is shot. I don't know what it would cost to replace the screen but considering the computer is from 2007 I'm not gonna bother replacing it. I can still see the screen faintly so I know my computer is working and still on, but it looks black and unless you take a photo of it you really can't see anything is working. I did that and it was clear that the computer still worked but the screen is screwed up.

i tried this but it didnt work at all, and even when i plug mylaptop into another screen it wont connect, any help?

I guess it depends on if your external monitor is compable with your computer or if you have the correct plug. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 920N that I use for my apple computer so I took the plug and put it into my laptop. It took a few min for the connection to be recognized and it wanted me to set it up so the screen would look normal, but I just bypassed that request. So now anytime I need to see the screen on my laptop I just plug it in and I can see my PC screen/from my laptop. I will be just replaceing the screen on the laptop as this is a real headache. I can do this for about $80.00. I'm just going to give this computer to my teenager and upgrade my business computer to another Apple. I'm sick of the stupidity of Microsoft and PC BS. My Toshiba is a Satellite A135-S4457. If your computer is still working at all you should be able to get this to work for you. Good luck.

Bold Text Here mine laptop went black but was still running! I solved the problem!! take the battery out from the back, plug in the charger without the battery, so it is constantly on charge, turn laptop back on and hey presto!! it WORKS!!!

I have toshiba as well and my screen went dark. I guess that brand has a history of this issue. Do you know why?
I am going to try your suggestion and will let you know whether it works or not.

My problem is similar but it has nothing to so with the back light. I have a VAIO, Sony laptop and I can start the laptop but it wnot even go into the log in screen. I tried the whole F8 thing with repair and it still nothing worksworks, I had this problem before but and the teach support fixed it but I do not have warranty anymore.Now my laptop is restarting on and of on its please.

I have a toshiba satellite 305D and it was working just fine with no problems except for occasional overheating. Then I turned my computer on the other day and all I got was a completely black screen, I can't even see a glimmer of anything on it.

I tried unplugging it and taking off the battery. Then I held down the power button for 60 seconds and it still produced the same results :( I hear it booting up and the lights on my bottom part of my laptop with my keyboard turn on. I even hear the fan....

As I was typing this my computer was plugged in without the battery and turned on. I had a completely black screen and just leaving my computer on, it rebooted itself and the screen is back!!!! I was getting so worried. It's three months to my wedding, I'm taking 5 classes and money is tight!

So all in all if the power button for 60 sec doesn't work maybe take battery off and turn off and see if the computer restarts and fixes itself like mine did!!!

Good luck to those looking for answers!

The overheating is most likely the cause. You need to clear out all the dust in the fan and cooling system to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Is anyone willing to help me? I have Vaio E series and a couple days ago my laptop restarted on its own. When it came back on the Vaio logo appears but Then turns into a black screen. Completely black cannot see anything behind it and the curser appears. Ive tried what everyone above me has said to do but my screen is still black. I would really appreciate someones help seeing as that the laptop is practically new and would be a shame to see it go to waste.

When something like that happens it's %99 that it's hardware failure. Your best cause of action will be to get sony to sort it!

i have problem with my hp laptop my laptop screen goes black but when i move it or keep a book or hand under it its fine i think some thing is loess inside it.

Sounds like you have a bad connection. It could be the connector between the screen and the motherboard or the screen itself. You need to open it all up to investigate it!

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