I have a ace aspire, the monitor go dark then brighten back up, sometimes it will stay dark until I hit any key then back on, it seems to do it when I am in my email. it may not act for weeks/day--any help

Please help, the same happend to me with the really dim, faint screen I was running FM 2013 at the time but the take out the battery thing and hold power button thing didnt work. Any thing else I could do.

i replaced my hp preasio scfeen after it was stepped on and i tested in and it went completly out,no dim desktop nothin it works on my tv

I have the same problem. After 15 minutes later my sony vaio laptop turn to black screen but the laptop is still runnig. Why? Anyone have solution for it?? help please

Same problem with my Sony Vaio. Guess that's the first Sony on the list among Toshibas, acers and hps. Have already spent money at the sony service center only to be told all is well, when it was not. Tried the unplug charger, et al bit. Working for now. Fingers crossed for times ahead.

Hi I had the same problem and I fixed it myself, just google alwaysafix

i dropped my compaq laptop on the floor and the screen went black, but it charges and is running. how can i fix it?

i tried the battery out and holding the power button for 30 sec. i think i might be going crazy i thought i saw the logo very lightly come on the screen but it only did it once and is back to a black screen.

"If you have a password and you restarted your computer and you have the black screen still, then write in your password. Well for Toshiba you can write in without clicking so it's cool. When you write in the password wait for like 10 minutes then hold your ''Turn On'' button until it turns off. Then hold the button for 5 seconds and your computer will show you its screen and you will have to run a ''Restore Computer'' well it will provide you the option without going in your profile. Once you press Restore wait until it does. Then you will be able to log in and do it without any problems. Trust me ''DIS IS DA BEST'' way to do it. WARNING WARNING this works only if you got a restarted black screen or boot-time scan schedule - don't turn off your laptop or PC when boot-time is scheduled and you restarted your laptop/PC. I hope this is helpful."

This totally worked, Thank You so much! I have to do this everytime to get my laptop started though, any suggustions of why and is there a fix for this?

hi everyone . i was using my acerr laptop but it suddenly went off and when i tried to turn it on and off the power /led button refused to light todate .what could be the problem?

this happence in my lenevo laptop the whole screen is blace hardly i see the desktop backgroun and check the battery plan brightness ans also increse my brightness to 100 percent but i can not repair by my own any one have any suggetion except to going at repairing center.

If you can just about see something on screen then it could be your inverter that's on the blink. You will have to take it to a repair shop if you don't know how to change the inverter yourself.

My hp notebook has been going black since last night. I can start it up and see the critical battery notice but as soon as I hit enter the underscore symbol blinks in the top left hand side of the screen... Then it will disappear and stay black for
Maybe five minutes and then the critical battery notice will pop up again as if I had restarted it... Does anyone have any ideas?

It would be a good idea to start a new thread because this one is over 7 years old and the majority of people probably won't pay any attention to it.

To answer your question with the limited information you have given us, if you have a critical battery message then this means that you need to connect your Charger/Power Adapter. If you have already done this then check that the power cable that connects to the power adapter unit is attached properly.

If you are sure all of that is okay, then very gently jiggle the power connector that is plugged into your laptop. It isn't actually supposed to jiggle at all. If it does, then you will need to resolder/replace the laptop power connector. This means that the connector is defective and no current is getting through to power the computer. So, your computer is trying to use the battery instead - but because power isn't getting through, the battery isn't being charged - so your computer is telling you that the battery has no charge.

I just tried the most recent suggestion, to power down my laptop, which is an older Gateway, remove the battery, hold down the power button for 60 seconds, then turn back on. Laptop screen was dimming out, as if the CPU might be dying. The last suggestion worked well ! Good as new ! Must be a trick that works for other brands as well.

I have a toshiba L655 satellite. I tried the removing of the battery and unplugged it held the power button for 90 seconds to b sure and nothing. I heard u all say May b the black light. This is only 3 years old and never had an issue. I run all my virus protections and am very careful who goes on this. Is it worth having the black light done or should I just get another laptop. I really like this one. HELP!!!

I did the unplugging of the laptop and holding the power button removing the battery but it's still black screen can't see anything. Any other suggestions that won't cost me an arm and a leg? Thanks everyone!

okay guys, well i have read every above post as my daughters Compaq laptop was working 3 nights ago and when she went to reboot it the following morning it gave the black screen.. she could just barely see some writing on screen in the background and we can hear the pings and everything as it loads, all lights ect just nothing visible on screen.. have tried every day for last 2 days to turn it on, nothing still, and have also tried to suggestions above, ie: remove battery, unplug power chord, hold power button for 60secs ect and nothing...any other suggestions guys?? cheers betty

ok i just via suggestion plugged in the laptop to my tv screen via a HDMI cable and my daughters screen page and all desk icons work, so i am guessing it has then something to do purely with the screens inability to show - now this is where i am stumped... any ideas??

Hi friends i have the same problem . I have done all that you have said but it is still not workin. Please what do i do because my repairers have failed me. Please help me .

Hi my name is sumit I had the same problem with my compaq laptop. On power on the screen would stay black, no POST, nothing at all on the display. The HDD would spin up but the HDD indicator would not come on and would not boot. The DVD drive would spin up and attempt to read a disc if one was in the tray but still would not boot.I found the answer on this blog. Unplug the power, remove the battery and then hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. Then reattach the power and attempt a boot. It worked for me! Just shutdown, put the battery back in you’re good to go. Worked for me so definitely worth a try.


I am also having that problem. My laptop is a Lenovo U410 with an internal battery so I can't take it out. I would press the power button and the laptop will start up, but the screen stays black, even when I restart it.

It didn't work for me! My Toshiba windows 8 is brand new and nothing is working for it! I just got it for christmas and it is really important and if i tell my mom that it's not working she is going to practically kill me because it was so epencive so getting a new part i tottaly out of the picture.

I tried the unpluging the computer, taking out the battery and holding the power button to release excess charge but it hasn't worked.

How it happended was that i was listening to pandora and the screen froze so i shutdown my computer and tried to start it again. Once it started up the lockscreen came up and i typed in my password. It logged me in but nothing happened. i just got a black screen. The light cannot be out because i can see it running in the backround and the fan is on and the power is lit up and everyting. i just have a black screen. ctl alt delete did bring up the task manager page but it won't work. i don't know what to do. someone please help me!

i have acer aspire 5750G. like day before it was very hot and on the very next morning its not booting up even though i took the battery out and pressed the power button. power button light blinks for 2-3 times and this thing doesn't start. i cant even hear the fan running sound. help!

It sounds like a problem with the GPU (video card). Although it is a hardware problem, you don't necessarily have to replace all or parts of your motherboard. Assuming the laptop is no longer under warranty, you can apply a couple of simple fixes yourself. First (very obvious), just clean out the dust from the air vents and in and around the fan (you'll have to open the laptop to access the fan).
If that doesn't work, there are a number of other solutions you can try at www.fixyourlaptopyourself.com.

I had the same problem in dell latitude e 5400. I did everything remove battery and restarted the system. That time the screen problem has been solved but not permanently. This problem came again and again. So please reply me for a permanent solution.

hi this is embrasing..Unplug the power, take the battery out and hold down the power button for around 60seconds. This will release any excess charge built up in the machine. Put the power back in and turn on. That's it. You can also then of course replace the battery.learn more..

I did everything. But it is not its battery problem. I think screen's inverter is creating this problem.

I have a same problem
When I play World of Warcraft my screen sudenly gets black but the laptop is still running....all keyboard functions dont work so I need to restart my laptop...I am afraid I might brake it if I continue to do that....(This only hapends when I play wow) I see this post is old so I hope u guys can help me....Btw my laptop is Fujistu simens Amilo M143/G

Do one thing just attach external screen to it if that works then it might be connection problem.Or there is every posibility you might get your screen working again.I had same problem few years back in market everyone told me to replace screen but i came back opened it and cleared that dirt from Fan.And it worked .
1.Attack external dispay device
2.let it be like that for few days.If that works that means it is a connection problem you dont need to replace it.
3.if it is a driver problem then while using external screen you can update your software also.

I will try that,thank you :D

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