Hi friend!

Of course I know,this is not the right place to ask this question. But I'm asking this,because i dont find any other good place.I wanna use the technology of the optical mouse and infrared keyboard (Yes!both are virtually same technology)in my project. Which part i want to use is, the sensing part of mouse and infrared keyboard (yeah! people call it sensor).Can I do that? or any other patent will stop me from doing this??

Thank you,
Bala Krish

You need to elaborate a bit more on your question. What is it you are trying to do with the mouse and keyboard technology?

If you're talking about just using an infrared camera/sensor in your own hardware project, I think you should be fine. I doubt the patent laws are strong enough for the inventors of the optical mouse to take you to court for using a piece of technology which is practically ubiquitous in modern devices.

If it is a personal project.... no one will care.

If you are designing a new device, the infrared components were probably licensed from a 3rd party manufacturer anyway. Once you identify the part, you can always go to that manufacturer and sign your own agreement for use of their tech in your device.

If you reverse engineer to learn how the thing works then use that knowledge to design your own... better make sure you aren't stealing any propriety tech that they have patented....

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